What NOT to Wear for Your Senior Pictures

Avoid these 5 common mistakes to make sure you look your best on camera!

So Here's the Deal...

I have years of experience photographing high school seniors and there's one thing I know for sure... your outfit selections can make or break your senior pictures!


In this guide, I share my top five things to avoid when planning your session attire to ensure you look and feel your best during this one in a lifetime experience.


Short Length Skirts, Dresses, and/or Shorts that Expose Too Much When Sitting, Squatting or Bending

Wearing bottoms that are too short will actually limit how you can pose during your senior session. You want to be sure to wear clothes that will give you a wide range of motion--not only so you can have a variety of poses throughout your session but also so you can feel comfortable and confident without worrying that you might accidentally show more than you intended.


Want something you can try instead? Try using skirts and dresses with a lot of flowy fabric! That way your and twist and twirl all you want and get some beautifully engaging photos will all of that movement! And remember... always wear spandex under any skirts and dresses so you can spin and pose however you'd like and not have to worry about your underwear making a surprise appearance.



Busy Patterns That Will Draw Attention Away From Your Face

When it comes to patterns, keep it simple when it comes to your senior pictures wardrobe. Yes, simple stripes and floral patterns are totally okay, but patterns that are bold or bright in color and repeating in a heavy pattern can actually draw attention away from your face.


Still want to wear something with a fun and crazy pattern? Keep it to your smaller pieces (like a scarf, shorts, or shoes) and always anchor it with a complimentary solid.


Wrinkled Clothes

Oh boy, this one's a HUGE "no-no" for your senior pictures! Whatever you do, do NOT shove your outfits in a bag and bounce off to your session. Spend the day before your photoshoot organizing each outfit on one/two hangers and steam/iron all of them. You can even match your jewelry and accessories with each outfit by placing them in a baggie and attaching it to the hanger of the correct outfit. This will not only keep you collected and efficient the day of your photography session, but it will also make sure you look your absolute best!


Wrinkles are not easy to remove in editing and, depending on the material, near impossible to make look smooth in photoshop. For this reason, it's always best to make sure all of your clothes are prepped ahead of time so you don't have any wrinkly regrets later.


The Same Outfit Style, Color, or Staple Piece Over and Over

When planning your outfits for your senior session, I encourage you to curate a wardrobe full of variety. Change up the style of outfit your wear--make a mix of dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, jeans... a little bit of everything! Also include a mix of colors and even materials and textures to maximize the variety you can get out of your entire session. The more variety you have, the more images it will look like you have because you won't be repeating the same color of poses over and over again.


Wanna kick it up a notch? Use staple pieces to really drive your variety to the next level. A denim or leather jacket, wide brimmed hat, and even sunglasses can be thrown on to any outfit for  a few shots to extend the variation of your outfits even further.


Colored Undergarments

No matter what outfits you're planning to wear throughout your senior session, the most important thing to remember is to wear NUDE undergarments that match your skin tone. This will ensure that lines of contrast, patterns, or bold/bright colors in your undergarments cannot be seen through lighter fabrics or lighter colors in the outfits.

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